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General Standard for Aviation Aluminum Boxes

1. The size is definitely not big enough. It is said that cats are easy to be insecure. The ideal size is larger than a normal standing cat.

Single cats of ordinary size, I think 50 * 33 * 33 is more suitable. Specific things like oriental short hair must be bigger. Baby more than 16 catties is another matter.

2. The material is mainly the requirements of the airlines. I checked the requirements of China Eastern Airlines for plastic boxes for household use.

I forgot which company requires iron doors. So Taobao, which chooses plastic box body wire doors for insurance purposes, mostly has this design, but some have plastic doors (such as IrisBL460). Some people in the comments said they were rejected by airlines.

3. It doesn't mean that we might encounter violent loading and unloading. It feels like we ca n’t put a small animal. . . However, I plan to use it multiple times (at least I will bring it back during the Spring Festival and I will bring it back next year.) I can't avoid other luggage on the air box. I can't avoid even unreasonable external forces during loading and unloading.

There is no indicator. The idea is that the plastic may be thick and strong. This means that the net weight of the same size is relatively large.

4. It is recommended to buy a bottom layer (you can put a diaper, although it is basically not used in winter, it is definitely a small mat)

For short and medium haul flights (<4 hours), there is no need to have a water supply box, but international long distance should be a must

In order to avoid being put on the box by luggage workers, I have considered buying a vault, but there is a certain risk. Some airlines do not accept this type of shape.

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