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Craftsmanship of aluminum box

Each type of luggage has two kinds of materials: aluminum alloy plate and special plastic plate for users to choose; the lining material in the box can be equipped with different fabrics, different colors of interlining cloth and various high-quality sponges according to user requirements; You can also process and customize the hard sponge lined in the box into various shapes to inlay the equipment and its accessories. Product features: High strength, the impact resistance of all kinds of luggage is 100KG, and the physical performance and measurement accuracy of the instruments in the box have not changed after the free fall from a height of 4.5 meters at full load (after loading the instrument). Excellent moisture-proof performance, in the environment above 90% humidity for 48 hours without any abnormalities in the contents of the box. Good buffering. After the contents of the box are transported for a long time (30 days) in various ways and various road conditions, the equipment in the box is normal and no damage. The carrying capacity is strong, the carrying capacity of civilian luggage is more than 50 kg, and the carrying capacity of industrial and national defense luggage is more than 100 kg (or customized over-standard box).

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